Our purpose about outer space is to help even those companies that do not work in this sector to access it, offering products and services ranging from design and production of subsystems, to integration, planning and management of the entire mission cycle.
The integration of Artificial Intelligence is original and commonplace for all of our products, from cubesats to the launcher and the ground segment, and it allows us to offer for the first time functional and strategic advantages, with relevant economic repercussions.


Cubesat is a satellite platform developed on a proprietary project able to combine open source software and hardware solutions starting with the use of COTS (COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF) components. One of the typical elements is the use of Artificial Intelligence, that operates directly on the on-board computer of the nano-satellite and allows to have use flexibility, analysis capability, use of predictive models and advanced monitoring functions. The platform is able to adapt to several mission profiles and, if required, can be customized to conform to specific mission needs.


During an analysis project of a small launcher for AI-integrated microsatellites, a software was developed to optimize launch, flight and orbit profile. This software is equipped with the most advanced encoding systems in order to guarantee the complete safety of the mission.

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