Robotics is a discipline that studies the development of robots capable to carry out even simple tasks, but with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Thanks to the potentiality provided by the Artificial Intelligence, robots can carry out even more complex tasks and become invaluable resources for information. With the AI, an underwater robot can be used not only for simple survey tasks, but is able to become a powerful research and exploration system that can move consciously on the bottom of the sea, acquire and transmit data, recharge autonomously; a drone can become a reconnaissance and monitoring device capable of carrying out missions on its own, land with an accuracy of 1cm and recharge autonomously.


SR01X is a robot conceived for strategic reconnaissance missions and monitoring of environment and critical infrastructure (industrial sites, bridges, roads, railways, harbors, etc.). Artificial Intelligence allows the robot to take off, land, recharge and carry out missions in complete autonomy. The operator can intervene in any moment to modify the flight plan with few, simple maneuvers.


Proteo is POWERFUL, INNOVATIVE and DIVERSIFIED tool, useful to explore seas, lakes and internal bodies of water. Proteo is a prospect hybrid submarine vehicle (ROV/AUV) of the “man portable” class. It’s an ideal robot for coastal applications like environmental surveys, research and monitoring, the scan of data in polluted environments, the evaluation of implant status, mapping of items and organisms. The neural networks allow the robot to be always ready to adapt to any operative scenario, so that it can reach optimal performance and results.


Autonomous reconnaissance aircraft that can be hand-launched and carried by a single person, conceived to satisfy reconnaissance strategic needs, intelligence and long range target acquirement. MANTA uses neural networks to recognize and pursue automatically the targets it has been trained for, monitor areas of interests, carry out environmental analysis, access control and more.


Our aerial robots can land with an accuracy of less than one centimeter on specific targets.


Completely autonomous robot, conceived for ground reconnaissance operations. Its peculiar mechanics makes it able to face any operative scenario. As with all the robots of the Topnetwork family, AMERIGO too is equipped with a hotspot system that allows it to communicate remotely with operators and the rest of its own family. This Rover, like other ROVs used in outer space missions, has been designed to carry out missions autonomously thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in inhospitable environments, and with significant hindrances to navigation.

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