In our research centers, we develop state-of-the-art technologies and new applications conceived to solve the biggest challenges of the ICT sector. We produce innovative and prototyped projects and systems like the one here below, capable to explore and take advantage of the emerging technologies for real market solutions.


During a research by TopNetwork, we studied both current and possible future scenarios related to Blockchain technology, from both a technological and commercial point of view, in order to understand how this technology is capable to identify innovative solutions that can be adapted to multiple practical contexts. In our labs, we tested the current platforms of software development based on the BlockChain technologies, performing tests, technical and functional evaluations, comparative studies, pros and cons, and the prototype advancements able to validate the potentialities that have been found out during the industrial research phase.


Among the R&D activities in the field of Gamification, TopNetwork designs and tests new techniques and algorithms for virtual reality, based on graphic engines like UnityBlender and Unreal Engine. TopNetwok often applies game design elements (points, levels, rewards) to projects focused on e-learningmarketinghealth and wellness and other contexts usually not related to games in order to achieve results in a captivating and fun way. These methodologies adhere to the primary purpose of Gamification: using gaming techniques to convert potential complex and stressful activities (work, training, etc.) into stimulating and pleasing experiences.

Indoor Locationing

Nowadays, technology allows us to easily locate a device equipped with GPS and, with an apt satellite coverage, the precision of measuring is very accurate. This does not happen in closed environments, since it is not possible to detect satellite signals because of their low penetration. Our research lets us pinpoint solutions to this problem using electronic components that take advantage of the beacon/bluetooth technology.

Weareable Technologies

Our R&D about wearable technologies allowed us to test innovative systems that are capable to support people with motoric disabilities through dedicated instruments (for example movement sensors, joysticks, sensor caps).
The projects are aimed to increase functional autonomy in different settings: household, study or work environment.
These flexible technologies are adapted to the individual, allowing him/her to use abilities in a simple and optimal way. They are different from “standard” systems that require the individual to adapt to the machine.

Innovative Social Networks

Geolocalized systems based on new messaging social models are being studied in TopNetwork’s R&D lab.
These Social Networks are made to create a connection network among the users, based on their position or on their areas of interest.
These new tools allow everybody to publish messages (even with pictures and videos), to send geolocalized notices and to share events in real time with other users.