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NLP - Natural language processing

We develop and implement search engines, virtual assistants, sentiment analysis systems for automatic analysis of feedback and comments. We also handle models for identifying trending topics on social networks, and anything related to natural language processing.
NLP services enable the exploitation of textual data to create Artificial Intelligence models, so different types of tasks can be performed.

From Data Management to AI

The amount of data keeps on increasing. This situation generates an accumulation of unused and unexploited data.
We can manage the digital data through data management. Moreover, data modeling solutions can be implemented using AI and Machine Learning, helping customers make better decisions.
Our main areas of interest: Synthetic Data, Digital Twins, Robotics, GeoAI - use of satellite images for the territory monitoring and protection, Solutions for Mobility, Services for Environment, Safety for Industry 4.0.

System Management

We offer monitoring services and system management services for the IT infrastructure and application inventory, including performance analysis, storage, backup and disaster recovery management. 24-Hour Support, a Surveillance Team, Help Desk experts, Design and Support for systems migration and evolutionary activities.

Network Management

We provide system management and monitoring services of the customer's corporate network.
Our experts operate in design and implementation of complex networks, of Network Operation Centers. They also deal with Assessment & Hardening, as well as, with optimization focused on High Availability architecture. 24-Hour supervision, management and support team.

Security Management

We offer monitoring and management services of the platform devices aimed at controlling and managing the logical security of the customer's IT system, Risk Vulnerability & Fraud Management, System & Network Securitization.
We deal with access and profile management, IT security policy design and also with architectures, auditing and process assessment.

Software qualimetry

We support clients in applying best practices (methodologies, tools and techniques) to manage the functioning of IT applications through application source code analysis.
We assist in the evaluation of software quality, as well as, of software development and maintenance costs.
We are experts in:
Software quality metrics (ISO, CISQ);
Software development effort estimation (Function Point).

Anti-Money Laundering Services for the Financial and Insurance Sectors

We support the Auditing, AML and IT functions of Banks, Post Offices, other financial intermediaries and Insurance Companies with: instrumental internal controls for AML/CFT data and information (Centralised Computer Archive (AUI))/Standardised Computer Archive (AIS), proprietary data stores, Standardised Computer Extraction (EIS), Aggregate Anti-Money Laundering Reportings, objective reportings, risk profiles, unexpected/suspicious transaction reportings, usury related events and tax frauds); consulting team of AML/CFT experts (evolutionary plans, remediation plans, post internal controls, etc.); back-office services (e.g.: disposal operations concerning the finalisation and adjustment of Centralised Computer Archive/Standardised Computer Archive records, as well as, of due diligence practices, etc.).

Middleware Management

This service relies on connection between software platforms and various devices.
We manage the virtualization and cloud computing implementation and configuration;
the VMware infrastructure monitoring, installation, configuration and upgrade; the DBA Management;
the mobile devices and applications management; the Microsoft Sharepoint platforms management; the SCCM suite management.

Modern Software Factory

Encloses all the skills and technologies supporting TopNetwork's productive force according to a modern approach to the development and use of agile software and processes.