Workshop of Research and Development

Technological future: Research and Innovation in TopNetwork

Technological research is a pivotal component in innovation and a key factor to accrue leading positions in a highly complex and competitive market. Because of this, Research and Development activities play a crucial role in TopNetwork’s industrial plan: they represent an essential investment to acquire knowledge and skills able to create new products, methods and services.

TopNetwork carries out important paths of Research and Development in order to reach a theoretical and empirical level of knowledge in the new IT sciences, to be highly competitive in its reference market with an ongoing improvement strategy.

Starting from these goals, every year TopNetwork sets up a plan of research activities that involves staff, resources and research labs; they actively carry out surveys, comparative studies, experimental tasks, analysis, designing, software development and tests.

TopNetwork has created a division called “Robotics” that embodies the vocation of the Research and Development laboratory, of innovative solutions in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering and environmental engineering.


Integrated monitoring solution

Our Research and Development Team works on an integrated monitoring system consisting of an IOT platform and robotic and satellite systems for multisectoral /multidisciplinary investigation activities.

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks represent a very efficient method to solve engineering problems about artificial intelligence and to analyze phenomena that cannot be analytically forecast. For this, TopNetwork decided to carry out a specific research about artificial intelligence based on neural networks, designing and testing advanced systems to manage sensors and visual analysis.

That research allowed to develop a neural network able to identify – with a really high level of reliability – flying obstacles, helping those aircraft that are flying low. Thanks to the studies carried out about human abilities and limitation during flight (Human Factor), TopNetwork is therefore working on an interface able to recognize any kind of obstacle and inform the pilot (for example, trellis, high voltage cables, etc.) in real time, in a clear and non-invasive way, contributing to a improve the safety of the flight.

Settore Aerospaziale

Aerospace Industry

Finding new ways to take advantage of outer space and  satellites,both for technological and commercial terms, is the purpose of the research conducted by TopNetwork in the aerospace industry providing the tools to make space available to everybody. Testing technologies in their state-of-the-art level, TopNetwork is studying complete solutions for the management of satellites, ranging from building the satellites at launch, to monitoring missions and managing ground stations.

Intelligent Robotized Systems

Combining artificial intelligencemachine learning and advanced sensors, TopNetwork is making research both theoretical and experimental about robotics (for example, aerial or ground drones, ROV-Remotely Operated Vehicle, etc.), up to prototypes of intelligent robotized systems able to perform multiple and complex tasks: aerial and underwater surveys, 3D mapping of land or sea bottom, aerial photography, image processing, etc. These prototypes are able to connect among them (or remotely to the operator) using GPS and mobile networks (for example, LTE), allowing to monitor their activities in real time.
A specific research work on artificial intelligence based on neural networks allowed the fine-tuning of software algorithms to recognized objects in flight (for example, trellis) using data coming from optical sensors.



During a research by TopNetwork, there have been studies about current scenarios related to Blockchain technology and possible future scenarios, from both a technological and commercial point of view, in order to understand how this technology is able to find innovative solutions that can be adapted to multiple practical contexts. In our labs we tested the current platforms of software development based on the BlockChain technologies, performing test, technical and functional evaluations, comparative study, pros and cons, and the prototype advancements able to validate the potentialities that have been found out during the industrial research phase.

IaaS Management in Cloud Computing

About the tests in the sphere of  IaaS management, Top Network created a prototype software to manage virtual resources in a Cloud Datacenter through advanced functionality of “Live Migration” for virtual machines between physical hosts.



Among the R&D activities in the field of Gamification, TopNetwork develops and tests new techniques and algorithms for virtual reality, based on graphic engines like UnityBlender and Unreal Engine. TopNetwok often applies game design elements (points, levels, rewards) to projects focused on e-learning, marketinghealth and wellness and other contexts usually not related to games in order to achieve results in a captivating and fun way. These methodologies adhere to the primary purpose of Gamification: using gaming techniques to convert potential complex and stressful activities (work, training, etc.) in stimulating and pleasing experiences.

IoT in the Automotive

The Automotive industry is going through profound changes thanks to new digital technologies. TopNetwork has been carefully researching on the technical evolution of the Automotive (blackbox, IoT, connected-cars, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, assisted driving, mobile telephony) and this allowed to fine-tune state-of-the-art solutions in multiple areas of application: remote management of the vehicle, diagnostics, predictive maintenance, anti-theft systems, fleet management, active crm, emergency calls (eCall), operative management of assistance, analysis and reenactment of accidents.
Concerning the research about analysis and simulation of accidents, we are testing techniques of machine learning and predictive analysis that aim to provide relevant information about the dynamics of an accident, based on data gathered from devices integrated on vehicles (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, gps, etc.).

Localizzazione Indoor

Indoor Localization

Nowadays, technology allows us to easily locate a device equipped with GPS and, with an apt satellite coverage, the precision of measuring is very accurate. This does not happen in closed environments, since it is not possible to detect satellite signals because of the low penetration of signal. Our research lets us pinpoint solutions to this problem using electronic components that take advantage of the beacon/bluetooth technology.

Wearable Technologies

Research and Development about wearable technologies to test innovative systems that are able to support people with problems or limited mobility through dedicated instruments (for example movement sensors, joysticks, sensor caps).

The projects are aimed to increase functional autonomy in different settings: household, study or work environment.

These flexible technologies are adapted to the individual, allowing him/her to use abilities in a simple and optimal way. They are different from “standard” systems that require the individual to adapt to the machine.

Social network Innovativi

Innovative Social Network

Geolocalized systems based on new messaging social models are being studied in TopNetwork’s R&D lab.
These Social Networks are made to create a connection network among the users, based on their position or on their areas of interest.
These new tools allow everybody to publish messages (even with pictures and videos), to send geolocalized notices and to share events in real time with other users.

Project “Assioma”


TopNetwork leader of the research project “Support for Hospitalized Children”