Topnetwork is committed to promote and carry out innovative research projects co-funded by European, national and regional Public Entities. In partnership with important Research Centers, Universitiesand Industrial Enterprises, we convert research ideas into scientific surveys and advanced technological solutions, ranging from feasibility analysis to the architecture of the potential product, to the creation of the prototype.



Project is aimed at realizing a marketplace of innovative analytical and predictive services, addressed both to Public Administration and private players.

The marketplace catalog includes services like digital twins for predictive maintenance of infrastructures (e.g. bridges, tunnels, railways), policy simulators for government administrators (e.g. mayors that want to simulate politic decisions and plans), companies evaluations (for investors or banks).

By developing the Data Value Chain (from data ingestion to analytics services catalogue), the provided services transform the consistent availability of Data into social and economic value.

Through innovative models of interaction, communication and collaboration (eg open innovation and co-creation), the Datafactor platform will provide a collaborative knowledge platform that will allow a deep and immersive knowledge for the different types of users.

The Datafactor services are going to manage both national and international Open Data, in order to reach international markets and various size customers.


Platform for precision Agriculture supported by Artificial Intelligence techniques for Viticulture and Oenology


Monitoring, control and intervention actions on wine crops in order to manage their health and optimization of vineyard processes. A multi-sensorized electronic black box will be implemented, to be easily installed on agricultural machines (eg tractors) already in use by winegrowers, in order to analyze the plants and diagnose in advance the main plant diseases, allowing a more rational use of pesticides and assessing the health of a crop in a much more complete, efficient and effective way than traditional methods


Control and management of physical / chemical parameters in the wine cellars during the vinification and maturation processes in metal tanks. Advanced electronic sensors, not currently available on the market, will be designed and developed, capable of making the wine maturation in metal tanks similar to that traditionally obtained with wooden barrels.


LIVING IoT is a research project aimed at creating an advanced IoT system, able to provide innovative services in the Smart Building and Smart Agriculture fields, by exploiting the Cloud and Fog Computing architectural models.

In the context of Smart Building, the system will offer home control and home protection services (e.g. against thefts, fire, flooding), support for the elderly and non-self-sufficient people (e.g. people with disability) and home health care (e.g. chronically ill people).

In the Smart Agriculture sector, Living IoT will provide advanced crop monitoring and management services, planning of activities in agriculture, intelligent irrigation, management of the distribution processes for agricultural products, traceability of products in the supply chain, management of safety in the transport of goods.


The app to improve the pediatric hospitalization experience

The project Assioma(ASSIstenza per bambini Ospedalizzati basata su Mobile Application: Assistance for Hospitalized children based on mobile application), is a software platform based on mobile technologies to provide innovative services to support medical care for children who are hospitalized.

Other research projects


European Cooperation in Science and Technology

The COST program allows researchers and primary operators in the field of innovation to cooperate and develop together their ideas in any scientific and technological sector, included social and humanistic studies. The project COST Underground4value, which TopNetwork is part of, aims to develop and add value to the potential of underground archaeological areas through the foundation of entrepreneurial hubs and local.


Modeling and Simulation of the Impact of Public Policies on SMEs

The purpose of the project is to develop a system of simulation for policy choices that can be used easily and allow to predict and view the potential socio-economic impact of the public policies that might be adopted. The simulation system allows the political operators to experiment with different socio-economic plans, with the participation of citizens and all the potentially affected parties, before applying the policies.


Network Enterprise Management EcoSYStem

NEMESYS is an research project for industry and experimental development conceived to provide solutions for SMEs and business networks enabling digital procedures, information sharing, use of cloud computing and methods for dematerialization to optimize the process, easing marketing and commercial activities, rationalize access to common information.


PLATform for INnOvative services in future internet

Prototype software conceived to manage virtual resources in a Cloud Datacenter through advanced features of “Live Migration” for virtual machine between physical hosts. The project PLATINO aims to design and develop a software platform capable of supply services and multimedia contents (i.e. Video Streaming, Video Conference, IP-TV, Cloud applications).

Some of the Research Centers and Universities we collaborate with


Interuniversity Research Center
for Sustainable Development


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