Innovation Lab

Technological future: research and innovation in TopNetwork

Our business unit, “Innovation Lab”, analyzes, develops and realizes highly innovative technological solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that allow to solve real problems that are difficult to tackle in a wide array of industries.

Inside Innovation Lab, our specialist team develops technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Outer space, easy to integrate with each other and available to be used in different configurations to manage complex issues.


Through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning we developed discretionary capabilities for planning operations, research and semantic understanding of language, item recognition and autonomous drive. Thanks to IoT integration and swarming, we offer original and effective solutions that require using several multi-sensor devices and the management of big data. The processing happens in real time on the machine and the communication with the user takes advantage of easy-to-use chatbots.


Robotics is a discipline that studies the development of robots capable to carry out even simple tasks, but with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Thanks to the potentiality provided by the Artificial Intelligence, robots can carry out even more complex tasks and become invaluable resources for information. With the AI, an underwater robot can be used not only for simple survey tasks, but is able to become a powerful research and exploration system that can move consciously on the bottom of the sea, acquire and transmit data, recharge autonomously; a drone can become a reconnaissance and monitoring device capable of carrying out missions on its own, land with an accuracy of 1cm and recharge autonomously.


Our purpose about outer space is to help even those companies that do not work in this sector to access it, offering products and services ranging from design and production of subsystems, to integration, planning and management of the entire mission cycle. The integration of Artificial Intelligence is original and commonplace for all of our products, from cubesats to the launcher and the ground segment, and it allows us to offer for the first time functional and strategic advantages, with relevant economic repercussions.

Partnership with Universities and Research Centers


Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Per lo Sviluppo sostenibile


Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia


Ground Station for mission control