Our laboratory is based on education and learning methodologies, making room for creativity and allowing in-depth analysis and tests of AI-specific subjects.

We started from computer vision and we are expanding our expertise also to other branches.

Some of the ideas we conceived became solutions.

AI proficiency

Data science

Deep convolutional neural network

Machine learning


Computer vision

Reinforcement learning

Recurrent neural network


We pay special attention to the latest progress in the research of AI and we use them in solutions created to fulfill any kind of needs.
Such needs range from autonomous systems for smart building, to applications to recognize and track people and objects in general, to research and semantic comprehension of language. We carry out all this thanks to careful studies and field tests, using multi-sensor devices and big data management. The results thus obtained contribute to spread the state-of-the-art and to lay the foundation for future implementations.


Robotics is a discipline that studies the development of robots able to carry out tasks that may be simple, but with a high degree of precision and reliability. Thanks to the potential offered by AI, robots can carry out even more complex tasks and become a valuable source of information. So we devised systems to cope with a great deal of situations like Search and Rescue (that takes advantage of recognition capabilities and drone monitoring to locate missing persons in a wood environment), precision agriculture to control the state of the crops, and estimate of the number of people in urban areas.


With a strong market approach, during these years our vision led us to invest in technologies that today allow us to implement data science architectures able to organize big data sets, thus meeting the needs of companies and PA to define the best strategies for their future. We allow navigation through both structured and non-structured data processing quantitave and qualitative analysis in a scientific way.

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