“Yes, milord, it’s true. In Gaeta I practiced medicine, but I am not a doctor by trade. My father was and I learned something from him; something else I learned by dint of reading and listening conversations. I traveled the world and acquired peculiar notions. I left Naples when something bad happened to me, I retired to Gaeta and, not knowing other ways to make a living, I entered an apothecary, secured an agreement with the pharmacist, posed as a doctor, wrote prescriptions, nursed, healed, killed… I did what everyone else does.”


Carlo Goldoni (L’avventuriere onorato)

Experience is required to learn, so we need to lay the foundations in order to provide a rational and supported experience.

Technology and culture are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them, keeping our focus on two key elements: individual and learning.

As the years went by, in TopNetwork personnel Trainingplayed a wider role up to the point of representing a core value; we invest on it in a remarkable and ongoing way, with an approach that is as much as possible “time to market,” through tools of continuous learning.

Continous Learning

From a competitive and forward-looking point of view, through suitable tools for analysis, we focus our attention on the market trends, aiming to promote agile and innovative methodologies of learning, in collaboration with qualified external providers.

To face successful changes in an increasingly digital world, even learning and training must provide for use of innovative tools and methodologies. That’s why we present Phydigitalsolutions where classroom lessons integrate with digital formation, increasing motivation, engagement and education of the participants, stimulating the application of notions acquired during daily work.

The training promotes collaboration between people, development and exchange of new ideas, representing one of the best practices of the company. This strengthens the Engagementof our coworkers and increases their well-being: in a company where quality of life is good, work effectiveness and efficiency increase.