Job Security from a single point

TnSafe is a solution conceived to monitor and manage in a complete a simple way all the obligations in terms of health and security for all the workplaces as per Decreto Legislativo 81/08.

The software supports companies in safeguarding workers’ health and safety, in managing and assessing risks, in drafting documents (DVR and DUVRI), in continuous training of workers.

The model for the processes follows the basic elements of the guidelines provided by the voluntary standard OHSAS 18001. In this regard, the system aims to be a valid support or certified companies or others that might want to take the path to certify themselves.
TnSafe is achieved with completely open-source architecture that frees the users from the costs incurred through buying the basic technologies (database, operating system, web server). To be used, it requires just the Intranet/Internet.

TnSafe is available as an indefinite user license or is SAAS mode (Software as a service).
The start-up to the system is simple: usually, the critical phase entails the passage from the information in their destructured form to the structured form managed by TnSafe. Our consultants, in accordance with the customer, can supply “interpretation” for the provided documents and transfer the content of said documents into the system. Start-up times are reduced and the launch is absolutely linear.

Dematerializes documents

Simplifies the safety procedures

Improves company opinion




A concession company for motorway sections needed a tool able to produce, organize and manage documents related to working activities, risk evaluation and prevention measures. The company is particularly focused on the problems connected to the security for workplaces, also related to the need of coordination required by the corporate structure, composed by more than 20 firms and 7,000 employees.


The company purchased the multi-company version to allow it to cooperate with all the 25 different agencies of management offices, in order to manage security based on the D.Lgs: 81/2008 and produce about 500 risk evaluation documents.

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