The app to book space and services

TnWorkSpace is a powerful solution (on premise or in cloud) of Enterprise class to book meeting rooms, desks, services (for example catering e parking) and shared technologies.

In addition to the features to book resources, it offers the digitized management of visitors (expected, arrived, last minute), their allocation to one or more meetings, and printing of personal badges.

It allows integration with video conference systems (even between different branches and time zones) and with 7” or 10” touch panels located outside the meeting room, that can verify the availability of the room and book it with just a few clicks.

TnWorkSpace is an open solution, with a strong customer-oriented approach and with a flexible and customizable workflow.

Why TnWorkSpace

  • Because it allows to dynamically manage shared resources
  • Because it provides a plugin for Outlook, the most used platform to plan meetings.
  • Because it has a customizable iOS and Android app that can display the available resources, allowing their booking and organizational management.
  • Because it offers a wide array of reports for performance analysis and cost evaluation.

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