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Work accident risks are minimized with our equipment monitoring app

A simple and intuitive solution provided for monitoring the safety devices of workers  engaged in risk activities. The system is designed to drastically reduce work accident risks. It constantly tracks the provided equipment to check if the wearable pieces are correctly worn during the work operations. The workers are asked to maintain a high level of attention prior to commencing work. They are not allowed to carry out work without respecting the applicable safety requirements. The use of artificial intelligence and advanced sensors help achieve this purpose.

This pioneering system is the result of synergy between two companies: Easy Servizi, involved for years in the installation and configuration of electric power, gas and water equipment, and Topnetwork, boasting expertise in the use of neural networks, robotics, and advanced sensors, as well as in the development of applications with the most popular programming languages.

Smart PPE uses a range of wearable IoT sensors connected with BLE wireless communication technology. The sensors are attached on every piece of PPE: e.g. helmets, gloves, safety jackets, shoes, etc. The data are transferred to an artificial intelligence model. It can identify situations, in which one or more devices are not worn properly. An alert is instantly generated, it warns the user and the Operations Center.

After the alert, the Operations Management apps stop functioning.




Constant monitoring of workplace safety policies



Solution can be integrated with external systems via API



Artificial intelligence and intelligent sensors rapidly and timely detect the improper use of PPE


Easy of use

All functionalities both in the app and in the admin console are intuitive and user-friendly also for novice users

DPI-SmartCare, AI for the workplace safety


Control panel

The user tasked with system administration through an intuitive backend manages the workers, their PPEs, the sensors (also battery levels), and notifications and alerts sent by the smartphones

Mobile app

If the user works remotely, the mobile app can be used to gather, to manage and to transfer all data coming from the sensors. If the work is carried out on site, the app can be used on the machines that have a tablet.

Alert System

The alert is sent to the user. After the alert, the user is not allowed to access the working application operations tab (in cases, in which this function has been integrated) otherwise, the alert prevents the machine from running.

Injury Notification

If there is an injured person on the ground, the system sends the call and the notification to the provided emergency number.




Our customer, a company operating in the utilities industry across Italy, wanted to check if the field service workers were always using the provided safety equipment.The purpose was to reduce the risk of accidents caused by distractions and unsafe practices.


Topnetwork consultants performed a preliminary analysis to address this need. It was necessary to check the setting, the available PPE supplies and the infrastructure technical support. Subsequently, the DPI-SmartCare was installed and configured. The sensors were connected to the equipment assigned to the users.

The system is also equipped with indicators that show the status of the sensors (eg. the battery level) because of their great number. Therefore, it always makes it possible to timely deal with anomalies and malfunctions. Improper PPE use may trigger alarms during the operations. The user and the control center receive the notification. The control center is always vigilant and ready to intervene.

Our customer submitted a request for blocking the smartphone operating software when users do not wear one piece of PPE or more. In that case, the work is temporarily interrupted.