Education and entertainment together

Play&Learn is a modern gamification platform for e-learning which leverages the fun of gaming entertainment to transform learning into a challenge for the user.

Through the use of typical mechanics of a game, the system offers training content in the form of quizzes, in a variety of graphical modes to which the user has to respond. The principle of formation through the repetition of the “final test”, i.e. questions in all and for all similar to those of a possible final test, it has long been affirmed as an alternative method of particular effectiveness. Play & Learn combines this e-learning mechanism with an engaging environment inspired by classic entertainment designed for games.

Not just a game…

The platform provides a rich back-end for content management and questions, along with powerful behavioral and user play results analysis tools. Within the system, it is also possible to define questionnaires to be proposed to users, useful as feedback tools of the learning process. The questionnaires, as well as the same quizzes, give the user real “achievement” of play, which can be used to “reward” or otherwise gratify the user.


The client platform, used by users, can be installed on a mobile device (iOS, Android) or as an executable application on a PC or MAC. All interaction interface, therefore, has been designed to be accessible through touch screen..

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