All the IoT in a single platform

The platform Polo is able to monitor and analyze any type of object with uniform management: in this way, objects such as vehicles, people and infrastructures (stationary or even in motion if equipped with geo-referenced systems) are managed in a harmonious way, regardless of their distinguishing features.

Therefore, an organization accessing the platform has a simplified management of the IOT devices to be monitored, and it is able to analyze the produced data, and develop vertical solutions based on AI or other technologies.



  • Management in multi-tenant mode
  • Management of the devices through web console or through the APIs
  • Management of alarms, automation and commands sent to sensors based on scripting
  • Possibility to extend automation in plug-in mode
  • Object-oriented management of devices with the possibility of defining inheritable common features
  • Hierarchical management of user profile with fine-grain control on visibility and a specific user profile dedicated to monitoring


  • Compatibility with the most widespread IoT protocols (i.e. MQTT)
  • Possibility of communication with domotics devices (Alexa, GoogleHome)
  • Compatibility with several automotive protocols (i.e. Teltonika, GoSafe, Ulbotech)
  • Extension to proprietary protocols in plug-in mode
  • Possibility of unlimited interaction by external systems through APIs


  • Use of state-of-the-art tools to manage big data
  • Vertical scalability guaranteed by using modern and light tools
  • Horizontal scalability guaranteed by a diffused architecture based on parallelizable microservices


  • Device authentication through the use of standard certificates (e.g. X.509)


The features explained in the integration and scalability sections simplify the use of complex algorithms based on artificial intelligence. This aspect represents an evolution of the simple IoT platform that in this way becomes capable of managing “smart” devices and automation.

Dashboard configurable by means of a special designer integrated into the console, able to show data in real time in the form of: numeric values, alphanumeric strings, linear graphs, areas, steps, bars and “gauge” indicators.

Geo-localized maps capable of displaying all the used devices and/or assets, including mobile devices (e.g. wearable devices, vehicles). The map provider is configurable directly from the console.

History view able to temporally track all the values received from the different devices and sensors, as well as all the calculated values on the related assets.

It is possible, with custom developments, to create specific reports tailored to customer needs