All IoT in One Platform

The Polo Platform can track and analyse any type of object. As a result, different kinds of stationary or moving objects, such as vehicles, people and infrastructures, can be managed in a user friendly way (if equipped with geolocation systems).

Accordingly, every organisation can access a user friendly and intuitive dashboard of its IoT devices. The user can monitor the IoT devices, analyse the generated data, developing vertical solutions based on AI or other technologies.



  • Multi-tenant operational mode
  • Devices management through the web console or the APIs
  • Alarms & Automations Management; commands are sent to script-based sensors
  • Option to extend automations to the plug-in mode
  • Object-oriented programming of devices with the possibility of defining common inheritance features
  • Account hierarchy management with fine-grained control of profile visibility, a dedicated user profile for the monitoring activity


  • Use of the most common IoT protocols (e.g. MQTT)
  • Possibility of connecting smart home devices (Alexa, GoogleHome)
  • Use of different automotive protocols (e.g. Teltonika, GoSafe, Ulbotech)
  • Extension to proprietary protocols with the plug-in mode
  • Unlimited interaction between external systems through APIs


  • Unlimited interaction between external systems through APIs
  • Vertical scalability achieved by applying modern and light tools
  • Horizontal scalability achieved by adopting a distributed architecture based on parallelized micro-services


  • Standard certificates used for the device authentication (e.g. X.509)


The features included in the Integration and Scalability sections simplify the use of complex artificial intelligence algorithms. This aspect indicates the evolution of the basic IoT platform. The new version can manage the “smart” devices and automatizations.

The dashboard can be configured with a dedicated designer integrated into the console. It illustrates real time data in the form of: numerical values, alphanumeric strings, linear graphs, areas, steps, bars and “gauge” indicators.

The display is provided with geolocation maps that visualize all devices and/or assets in use, including mobile devices (e.g. wearable devices, vehicles).


A timeline view timely tracks all values incoming from different devices and sensors. It also retrieves the calculated values applied to the belonging assets.

We also create specific customized reports with a dedicated custom software design in order to suit our customer needs.