BitLearn is an innovative platform that combines education and learning: the tool is aimed to micro-learning and takes advantage on the entertaining features of the game to convert learning in a challenge for the user.
The system offers educational content as quizzes, mini-games, videos, pictures and infographics.
An intuitive back-end full of features allows to manage content and questions, and measuring the efficacy of educational activities thanks to powerful analysis tools and to the results achieved by the users.
Inside the system it’s also possible to define questionnaires, useful as feedback tools for the learning process.



A company operating in the oil sector needed a system for mandatory education of visitors who were accessing the plants for the first time.
Such system had to guarantee a quick learning of all the necessary information to move safely inside the structure.


BitLearn was acquired by the company and made available to the reception for the education (about 10 minutes) provided to visitors on their first access to the plants.
The application is installed on a tablet and offers content split in three question packages, for a total of 20 questions with videos, infographics and mini-games.
The questions are conceived and developed to help the user, to accompany him/her to the highest level of learning.