The project Assioma (ASSIstenza per bambini Ospedalizzati basata su  Mobile Application: Assistance for Hospitalized children based on mobile application), is a software platform based on mobile technologies  to provide innovative services to support medical care for children who are hospitalized.

It’s a tool that helps to improve communication and interaction between the patient and the medical staff during the entire treatment process.

From a medical point of view, the platform simplifies integration of clinical data with the information provided by the patient; also, thanks to non-pharmacological techniques (gamification, creative visualization, etc.), it allows to reduce the pain associated with those procedures and use of analgesic prescriptions. Moreover, the system is able to ease the understanding of symptoms and soften the anxiety tied to waiting for the exams (x-rays, MRI scan, etc.).

The project was approved in the area of Regional Operative Program Regione Lazio 2014-2020 and it is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to monitor the therapy outside the hospital.


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  • Long waiting times
  • Problems to retrieve information
  • Problems to understand medical procedures
  • Logistics problems
  • Problems in reassuring the child


  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Problems in communicating with the medical staff
  • Problems in following the therapy


  • Bureaucratic inefficiencies
  • Problems in communicating with the child
  • Problems in understanding the symptoms
  • Problems in monitoring the therapy outside the hospital


Dedicated to the parents in the hospital

The app is installed on the parents’ tablet as soon as they are in the hospital; it includes several sections like info sheet, questionnaires, the map of the hospital and video-cartoons for children. In the info sheet, the parents can input all the data about themselves and the child in order to improve and speed up communication with the medical staff.


Dedicated to the parents at home

Differently from Assioma Parents, Assioma Diary can be downloaded directly from Play Store and used also from home. Its main purpose is to be agenda. In the tablet on the app, the parents can see the procedures of a single day with the timeline for all appointments, while with Assioma Diary they can view all future appointments for the child in the hospital and select the detail for a specific day.


Dedicated to the medical staff

From the desktop, the doctor can input data and consult and modify the info provided by the parent on the tablet. The doctor can set up the hours when the child has to take its medicines and can also know the emotional state that the child selects from its game app after taking the pill. The medical staff can also send customized notification to the parents for communications and hours of visits.


The game dedicated to children
This game was conceived as a sort of tamagotchi to make the child responsible for the teddy bear he is going to take care of. The game was devised to make the ingestion of the medicine as a positive and entertaining moment.


Innovative support for diagnosis and therapy
Unique system
Promotion in the healthcare field of Gamification/Tablet
Organizational optimization for the hospital
Enhancement of the service level
Social repercussions on the healthcare system