AMLGes™ is an integrated solution dedicated to financial intermediaries, insurance companies. This solution is also useful for entities subject to regulations concerning the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and the Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), as well as, to obligations for electronic data recording and storage .

AMLGes™ supports its users in mandatory compliance practices and in internal controls through an automated dashboard. This tool can be used by the inspection bodies (internal audit).

Most importantly, the innovative AMLGes™ internal controls are a tool in which the target users can immediately, easily and comprehensively self-evaluate their level of compliance. The self-assessment can be carried out either on an ongoing basis or through challenging times of the regulatory and technological change. In this way, it is possible to proactively intervene, if necessary, with appropriate remediation actions.


The AMLGes™ Suite includes two sections


Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Managing the data storage, basic reports and communications

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AML/CFT Controls

The inspection bodies can use an automated dashboard to perform the integrated data checks

Target Audience

Banking institutions, Post Offices and other financial intermediaries to whom is referred the Art. 1 about ``Bank of Italy's Provisions for the storage and sharing of documents, data and information to combat money laundering and terrorist financing” of 24 March 2020.
Insurance Companies and Insurance Intermediaries as mentioned in Art. 3 of ``IVASS Regulation no. 44”.

Functional Framework

AMLGes™ is a functional framework Designed to support IT, Compliance and Audit users, as well as,  and Anti-Money Laundering departments in Basic Compliance and AML/CFT Internal Controls:

Basic Compliance

storage, provisions, reports to the supervisory authorities

Internal Controls

controls over storage and also over more general information that can be found in AML/CFT risk assessment systems. Moreover, it is possible to monitor the results of AML/CFT risk assessment systems in terms of risk profiles, suspicious transactions, usury evidence and tax fraud