Since 2008 the division dedicated to the mobile world, has been operating in our company. Talented young people and experienced professionals experience and create innovative solutions in the social, gaming, gamification and corporate areas. Reference platforms are the major open source and business technologies: Android, iOS.


Play&Win is the app to win awards!
The app includes a variety of fun mini games and various types of questions (sports, general culture, fashion, music, etc.)


Play&Learn is a modern gamification platform for
e-learning which leverages the fun of gaming entertainment to transform learning into a challenge for the user.


DynaMho is an Android app that suits different age groups allowing children to use a tablet and surf the Internet in complete SAFETY.

Flappy Dino

Flappy Dino and the sheeps is a fun and addictive mobile game. Help the dinosaur fly, eat the sheep and avoid obstacles. Collect as many points and enjoy this amazing adventure. The game is available for free on the App Store e Google play.

Martian Caves

Martian Caves is an original and exciting Platform Game.
Two laboratory guinea pigs, Eclecto the Parrot and Rudy the Monkey, are sent to Mars to find out if there is life. 


BallMole is the new arcade games released by our mobile division. With BallMole you can play with moles and shoot hoops. Immerse yourself into the jungle and enjoy the challenging adventure.
The game is available for free on the App Store e Google play.

Siamo tutti un pò Chef

Siamo tutti un pò chef  the useful and original application, made by us for PARMALAT. Perfect to offer you many delicious recipes and to keep you entertained with many appetizing proposals.