“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”

(Albert Einstein)

In today’s economic scenario, human capital, experience and technical expertise play a key role for a company that desires to make the difference.
Every year, for several years now, we design a training plan that is implemented through the use of internal expertise and highly qualified external training institutions.

We pay special attention to the innovative methodologies and suggestions that come from our reference market, but also from our professionals committed in facing up to every day and its evolutions.

The design of the training is made by defining the most appropriate contents and training methodologies to achieve the objectives set.

The development of the training project involves a profound knowledge of the skills present in the company, a constant update on technological evolution and consequent analysis of training needs, but in all this we are convinced that individuals with motivation and curiosity make the difference, bringing within our competence and added value.

For the newly hired, beside the training chain whose aim is to incorporate vertical competencies in software development or system engineering, we plan on introducing specific operational paths, meetings with our Delivery, in comparison with those who represent the major Competence Centers in the contexts of application development and system management.

In addition to this, in our intranet we publish educational material and information about conferences and events of particular interest to our sector.