Piattaforma AI4 - L'Intelligenza Artificiale

We study and evaluate the needs of our customers even before suggesting suitable technological solutions, focusing on cost optimization, product innovation, revenue increase and organizational efficiency.

Our solutions integrate AI with other technologies (i.e. Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, Internet of Things, Robotics).

Our Skills

The AI4 platform is able to monitor and analyze any type of object with uniform management: in this way, objects such as vehicles, people and infrastructures (stationary or even in motion if equipped with geo-referenced systems) are managed in a harmonious way, regardless of their distinguishing features. Therefore, an organization accessing the platform has a simplified management of the IOT devices to be monitored, and it is able to analyze the produced data, and develop vertical solutions based on AI or other technologies.



  • Management in multi-tenant mode
  • Management of the devices through web console or through the APIs
  • Management of alarms, automation and commands sent to sensors based on scripting
  • Possibility to extend automation in plug-in mode
  • Object-oriented management of devices with the possibility of defining inheritable common features
  • Hierarchical management of user profile with fine-grain control on visibility and a specific user profile dedicated to monitoring


  • Compatibility with the most widespread IoT protocols (i.e. MQTT)
  • Possibility of communication with domotics devices (Alexa, GoogleHome)
  • Compatibility with several automotive protocols (i.e. Teltonika, GoSafe, Ulbotech)
  • Extension to proprietary protocols in plug-in mode
  • Possibility of unlimited interaction by external systems through APIs


  • Use of state-of-the-art tools to manage big data
  • Vertical scalability guaranteed by using modern and light tools
  • Horizontal scalability guaranteed by a diffused architecture based on parallelizable microservices


The features explained in the integration and scalability sections simplify the use of complex algorithms based on artificial intelligence. This aspect represents an evolution of the simple IoT platform that in this way becomes capable of managing “smart” devices and automation.


Management of a smart warehouse

The solution allows handling, positioning and tracking of the stored goods through the use of sensorscameras with AI and usage of blockchain. Through the behavioral analysis, it is possible to monitor the activities carried out by the staff on goods that are in deposits, warehouses and generally spaces dedicated to organization and storage. All non-authorized actions are promptly reported in real time through notifications and alerts.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that lends itself to be integrated with existing software and devices of any nature, the solution controls in a simple and systematic way the access of people/things to specific areas.


Smart bus shelters for a sustainable city

The system is composed by bus shelters equipped with smart cameras able to analyze the bus stops and their context (presence and type of users, waiting times, exceptional circumstances). The collected data are processed on a IoT platform to guarantee a dynamic and efficient management of the bus fleet.


Recognition and monitoring of illegal discharges in inland waters or sea

The solution entails the use of aerial and underwater robots able to collaborate and identify illegal discharges in water basins. Thanks to a sophisticated system of trained neural networks, the software cross-references data from thermal imager and multi-spectrum camera to create hazard maps.


Management of complex and high hazard industrial areas

The system integrates smart robots like drones and, where appropriate, fixed cameras to monitor pipes or machinery to detect water leaks or spillage of of oily substances. The data gathered with routine inspections (images in various wavelengths, i.e. visible, infrared, etc.) are cross-referenced with context data and technical specification, to guarantee an efficient predictive maintenance.


Semantic recognition with AI

Applying the AI to a web crawler, we got a tool able to distinguish the content of a web site at a semantic level.
Typical usage: research of illegal sites in a given category.


The AI to manage farming

Autonomous control system for farming and agricultural production, based on software and hardware components managed by the AI: drones and ground robots with their own missions, hangar with battery recharge and precision landing, predictive and prescriptive analysis, IoT platform.