Through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning we developed discretionary capabilities for planning operations, research and semantic understanding of language, item recognition and autonomous drive. Thanks to IoT integration and swarming, we offer original and effective solutions that require using several multi-sensor devices and the management of big data. The processing happens in real time on the machine and the communication with the user takes advantage of easy-to-use chatbots.


Pylons recognition

Intelligent avionics based on neural network is defined as able to identify any kind of pylon during the flight with a very high degree of reliability and to provide indications on the presence of metal cables. The specifically trained neural network is not only able to recognize pylons, but to do so even when they are only partially visible. In this way, avionics can provide the pilot vital information to minimize potential collisions with cables during flight or rescue operations.



A web crawler is a software able to analyze and index systematically the content of websites. Equipped with an AI, it is capable to analyze linguistic expressions and find exclusively websites with specific features. This way, the web contents can be analyzed thoroughly for a wide array of applications.


IA and Cameras
It is an Intelligent Recognition system based on neural networks trained for the identification of objects and targets, which can be installed on fixed devices (Cameras) and mobile (Robots).

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